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If your divorce will include seeking, or disputing a request for, spousal maintenance, there are some things you will need to understand. No two courts in the Twin Cities area view alimony the same way. A legal strategy that may work in Scott County could fail miserably in Ramsey County. Alimony in Minnesota involves complex financial issues and formulas entered into a spousal maintenance calculator set forth in the Minnesota Statutes. Having the experience to deal with the legal and financial expectations of your specific court jurisdiction is one of the most important qualifications your attorney can have.

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de Beer & Associates has been 100 percent committed to Minnesota family legal services since we opened our family law firm more than 15 years ago. We understand the calculations and formulas various Minnesota judges use when determining income and earnings. We also know the financial experts to call on to help prepare a proposal that is fair to your situation.

Income and earnings can be viewed in a lot of different ways: Accurately analyzing income and earnings for alimony calculations requires knowing how judges make their decisions. We call on independent financial experts to analyze your income and earnings and present the facts fairly. We have been helping people protect their rights in Minnesota family law court since we opened our doors in 1995.

Contact our offices in Edina or Lake Elmo to schedule a free initial strategy session about your pending divorce and spousal maintenance issues. We will discuss a full range of legal issues, including:

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We will give you an honest assessment of your spousal maintenance case. The legal issues relating to alimony are very specific. We will determine what strategy will be best to meet your needs and goals. You can also expect us to be very honest with our assessment of your goals. You deserve nothing less from your lawyer.

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After deciding to file for divorce, you probably have a thousand questions about what to do, and not do, next. Please visit our Divorce Planning page to learn more about what to expect.

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