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Minneapolis Divorce Lawyers

At de Beer & Associates, we don't promise you the world. In fact, we will probably tell you some things that you were not prepared to hear about divorce, but you will get the facts, both good and bad. You will be facing some tough decisions over the next several months. We know that you need a lawyer who will treat you with honesty and integrity throughout the process.

Free Legal Strategy Session ยท Minnesota Super Lawyer

St Paul alimony lawyer and divorce attorney Linda S. de Beer has 20 years of Minnesota family law experience and knows how important your decisions will be over the coming weeks and months. Her experience and years of service to families have earned her the title of a Minnesota Super Lawyer by Minnesota Law & Politics magazine. She works directly with our entire legal team of associate attorneys and staff, leading and directing strategies to help you get the settlement outcome that is best for you and your family. We also offer the option of retaining Linda to represent you directly throughout your divorce.

Contact Linda de Beer online , or call her entire team at (651) 714-2378 or (651) 714-2378 to schedule a free initial strategy consultation about your divorce.

We Restrict Our Practice 100 Percent To Minnesota Family Law, Including:

Filing For Divorce: What Should You Do Now?

We take many questions from clients who are ready to file for divorce. There are many factors you must take into consideration when considering marriage dissolution. We invite you to visit our Divorce Planning page to learn more about specific issues.

What Will Matter Most As Your Divorce Case Progresses? Experience.

Make no mistake. Even if you may not realize it as you are going through the emotional ups and downs of a divorce, your attorney's experience will make a difference. As the dust begins to settle, you will see how our firm's willingness to communicate honestly and our ability to set strategies based on legal realities, rather than emotion, really do make a difference.

Working Closely With You Throughout The Divorce

You will be working closely with your attorney during this process. We have experience you can rely on and trust. We are compassionate about your family circumstances, and we will respond promptly and accurately to your questions and concerns.

We Know The Various County Court Procedures, Judges And Opposing Lawyers

There will be many law firms that tell you they have experience. Unfortunately, many firms only handle cases in one or two jurisdictions. We have experience in county courts throughout the entire Twin Cities metro area, in both central and southern Minnesota. The strategies that work in one county court, for one particular judge, might be disastrous in another court. Because of our varied experiences, we understand the varied procedures of different courts in the metro.

Family Law Services For The Twin Cities Of Minneapolis And St. Paul

Contact us to learn more about our team approach and our options for representation. We focus all of our efforts on helping clients with Minnesota divorce and family law concerns.