When parents are faced with a child custody dispute or a dispute over whether to pay child support, establishing paternity is the foundation for finding a solution. In order to solidify parental rights and establish child support obligations, paternity is a must. Once established, the courts can ensure that a parenting time arrangement is established and that the child will be financially cared for as well.

If paternity is in question or you are seeking to take action to establish parenting time or child support, it is in your best interest to discuss your situation with an experienced family law attorney. At de Beer & Associates, we offer skilled representation in the Twin Cities region and throughout Greater Minnesota.

Establishing Paternity

Paternity can be established through two means: recognition of parentage and DNA testing. Recognition of parentage is a document that can be filed with the Minnesota Department of Health — by both parents — which claims the man on the document is the child's biological father. If both prospective parents cannot agree on recognition of parentage, or there are multiple potential fathers, genetic testing can be conducted to determine paternity.

Full-Service Family Law Representation

Once paternity is established, we can assist you with all of the issues that can move forward, primarily parenting time (child custody and visitation) and child support. Our attorneys, led by Linda S.S. de Beer, are strong litigators with appellate experience. Whether your case can be resolved through amicable means such as negotiation or a trial becomes necessary, we have the skills and experience to protecting your interests and arrive at a result that best protects your child.

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