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If you are considering filing for divorce or are otherwise facing a difficult family law issue, you have some very important decisions to make over the next several weeks and months. You will likely have to find answers to crucial questions such as:

  • What personal and business financial decisions will arise?
  • Will my child custody and parenting time arrangements be in my child's best interest?
  • How will I ensure that marital property is divided appropriately and fairly?

At de Beer & Associates, individuals and families — including business owners and other high-profile professionals — have been getting answers from our firm for more than 20 years. We handle divorce and family law matters throughout the Twin Cities metro and statewide.

Nothing Is More Important Than Having Confidence In Your Lawyer

Navigating the Minnesota family court system is complicated. Every county court has its own judges, procedures and expectations. Knowing that your lawyer has thorough knowledge of the right process and legal system is critical.

The truth is, when it comes to handling the emotional turmoil of your divorce, your attorney's experience will make a decisive difference. Let us help you protect your rights while working toward the outcome that is truly best for you and your family.

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