Collaborative Divorce

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Right Divorce Agreement, Without The Emotional Cost

If you and your spouse are in general agreement about most issues in your divorce, the collaborative divorce process may be an excellent way for you to avoid the high financial and emotional costs of a trial. de Beer & Associates can protect your rights and interests throughout the collaboration process, while keeping you fully informed about how your decisions will affect your future.

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

If you and your spouse decide to use the collaborative divorce process, you will both sign a contract agreeing to resolve your disputes outside of a courtroom. You will each retain the right to withdraw from the process at any time prior to the final agreement, however. If one of the parties decides to withdraw and pursue the traditional trial process, both original attorneys must also withdraw from further representation. The withdrawal requirement helps ensure that all parties remain fully committed to seeking a resolution outside of court.

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What If You Disagree On Some Issues?

Collaborative divorce can still be successful, even if you and your spouse don't agree on every issue. The hallmarks of this process are that the parties and attorneys agree to be respectful, honest, creative and cooperative. The primary objective is to help spouses retain a sense of control over the settlement process, rather than relegate their disputes to an expensive and emotional court system that puts decisions into the hands of a judge or jury.

Who Gets Involved In Collaborative Family Law Divorce Cases?

When agreement can't be reached on critical issues, the collaborative judge has the option of calling in independent experts and specialists to advise both parties. A team might include additional legal experts, financial professionals and child welfare specialists. Always, the process is designed to resolve issues outside the courtroom in a way that is meaningful and fair for both spouses.

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