Parenting Time

We Put Your Children's Needs First

Minnesota courts vary widely on how to interpret and apply parenting time guidelines for divorcing spouses. Although the law itself is uniform, each county has different resources and programs that they rely on to ensure that children's and parents' rights are safeguarded. This means that different judges will have a different set of expectations, depending upon the county of your jurisdiction.

At de Beer & Associates, we understand how critical parenting time is to divorcing and separating parents. We know how important it is to find workable solutions to this emotional issue, often through mediation or a collaborative process. Because we focus our practice exclusively on the legal issues facing families, you can benefit from our knowledge of the judges, courts and professionals involved in the entire Twin Cities metro area.

The Importance Of Getting Clear Information From Your Lawyer

Our attorneys will clearly define the issues and provide you with the information you need to make decisions that best serve the needs of your children. Often, fully informed parents can resolve disagreements regarding parenting time relatively quickly and effectively. We can ensure you understand your rights and are prepared for the process, which can help keep things moving when issues become emotional or complex.

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