Child Support

When parents are divorced or otherwise no longer living together, it is important to make sure that the needs of their children do not fall through the cracks. It is important to make sure there is an appropriate child support arrangement in place to ensure their needs such as food, shelter and clothing are met.

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Determining The Appropriate Child Support Payments

Minnesota has a statutory formula for determining how much child support will be paid. A number of factors are considered, primarily the income of each parent as well as the specific needs of the child. While the formula is straightforward, it is important to make sure that the income being examined is accurate and that clear information is being provided.

Often, fully informed parents can resolve child support disagreements quickly and effectively. However, if there is a need to deviate from the formula or other disputes are present in your case, it is to your benefit to have our experience on your side. Our child support lawyers are familiar with the judges and courts throughout the metro area of St. Paul and Minneapolis and are familiar with the likely outcomes you face.

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