High-Asset Divorce

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Not all divorce actions are equal and no two situations are ever the same and should be handled using a cookie-cutter approach. Especially in cases where there are multiple assets of high value and complicated arrangements, this often brings additional complexity and emotion. If you are considering dissolution of marriage and have substantial or complex assets, you need an experienced firm that can protect your interests and ensure your assets are allocated equitably.

At de Beer & Associates, we are a Minnesota family law firm that has the experience to handle high-asset divorces, including extensive property and valuation issues. Using her business background and extensive legal experience, Linda de Beer knows how to ensure that all assets are located, correctly categorized, inventoried, valued and divided fairly.

If you are contemplating filing for divorce and want advice about how to properly plan and protect yourself or you have already made the decision to file for divorce, contact us today to schedule a free initial strategy session at our Edina or Lake Elmo office.

Did You Execute A Prenuptial Agreement Before Getting Married?

If you executed a prenuptial agreement before your marriage, this document can have a major impact on property division as well as a whole host of other issues relevant to your divorce action. Our lawyers will scrutinize the document's terms and enforceability and then help you understand your rights and options. We will also present legal arguments to protect your rights should the court be asked to set the agreement aside or enforce it.

Do You Have A Wide Range Of Complex Assets That Need To Be Identified And Divided?

Our Minneapolis high-asset divorce attorneys have extensive experience helping clients with all types of complex assets, including:

We Work With A Team Of Qualified And Trusted Experts

Making sure these assets are identified, inventoried, valuated and divided correctly often involves assistance from experts. Our St. Paul asset division attorneys routinely work in sync with financial and business valuation specialists to resolve any issues that may arise and arrive at correct valuations for the purposes of negotiation and litigation, should that route become necessary. For example, appraisers of real estate, jewelry, collections or other tangible property can help provide important information about the true value of certain pieces of inventory.

Understand Tax Implications

In other situations, certified public accountants may need to be consulted to help understand the correct worth of a business. We also take the time to tax value every asset, which can have a dramatic impact on the ultimate value of any property distribution settlement. The allocation of debt can also have important consequences and must be done fairly.

We have access to a wide network of professionals in variety of fields. We also work with other attorneys who have experience in complex legal issues. We manage a team of experts to ensure all aspects of the divorce are dealt with appropriately and that we are always in a strong position when dealing with opposing counsel or the court.

Concerned About Hidden Assets?

In many high-asset divorce scenarios, one or both sides may be concerned that there are hidden assets. In actuality, this issue rarely turns out to be relevant, and it is important to note that it is exceptionally difficult to successfully conceal assets. They are usually uncovered by experts employed during divorce actions. Moreover, if hidden assets are found, the guilty party will usually lose valuable credibility with the court, which can affect his or her position when it comes to asset division, alimony, and even child custody and child support.

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