Child Relocation

Parents enter into child custody and parenting time arrangements based on the circumstances at the time. But for most parents the future holds many changes, including changes in their employment status, remarriage and other life events. When a change leads to a desire to relocate, it is important to make sure that any relocation is in the best interest of the child and that arrangements are made to protect the rights of both parents.

At de Beer & Associates, we understand how critical child relocation and other custody issues are to parents. We provide counsel and representation from accomplished attorneys with the experience to find effective solutions to these complex, emotional issues.

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More Than Packing Your Bags And Loading A Moving Van

When you are engaged in a parenting time plan with another parent, you do not have the freedom to simply pick up and move with your child. There are requirements such as notifying the other parent of your intent to move as well as explaining your reasoning for the move. The other parent can challenge the move, eventually leading to a court case.

Led by Linda S.S. de Beer, an attorney with extensive family law experience, we can help you present your case before a judge and seek modifications to the existing parenting time plan. If you are seeking to prevent a move, we can help you present your challenge and work to achieve an outcome that protects your parental rights.

Ultimately, any relocation or modifications to the parenting time plan must be in the best interest of the child. Examples of why relocation may be in the best interest of the child include educational opportunities, increased income for the relocating parent and the presence of extended family that will provide support.

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