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The key to equitable property division, especially in high-asset divorces, is understanding different business assets, financial holdings, pensions and real property and making sure they are properly valued for the purposes of distribution. Having an experienced and proficient Twin Cities divorce lawyer on your side can be an effective tool when it comes to successfully navigating these issues.

Throughout Minnesota, people seek out de Beer & Associates because of our skill and level of technical knowledge when it comes to these often complicated issues in divorce actions. Not only does our experienced team of lawyers routinely deal with issues surrounding business owners and professional practices, but our founding attorney, Linda de Beer, is a business professional with a degree from the prestigious Carlson School of Management. She understands what is at stake when structuring creative and fair options for the purposes of settlement, mediation or litigation.

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In-Depth Analysis Of All Relevant Issues

Our lawyers have the professional and technical resources necessary to ensure that even the most complex property issues are resolved fairly, including the following detailed concerns you may have regarding a small business or professional practice:

  • Protecting your reputation as well as current and future business relationships
  • Maintaining the stability and health of the business or professional practice during the turmoil of a divorce proceeding
  • Keeping business and personal assets separate to avoid allegations of co-mingling, hiding assets or misappropriating funds
  • Ensuring a proper business valuation is conducted for the purposes of property division
  • Determining whether to sell or liquidate the business for a lump-sum payout or to buy out the other partners or spouse

Our clients include successful business owners, as well as the spouses of business owners. Linda's ability to relate to the language of business and financial professionals has earned our family law firm an excellent reputation throughout the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as the rest of Minnesota.

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