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We Protect Your Interests In Divorce Property Division

Minnesota is a community property state. That means most financial assets and property obtained by a couple during marriage are subject to valuation and equal division in the divorce settlement. Some property, however, may not be subject to community property claims, including inheritance assets. Understanding complex property valuation and division will be one of your attorney's primary responsibilities.

The key to equitable property division lies in knowing how business assets, financial holdings, pensions and real property are valued. We have the professional and technical resources necessary to ensure that even the most complex property issues are resolved fairly.

Master's Degree In Business Administration

Our firm often represents parties in complex asset division cases, including family-owned businesses. Attorney Linda de Beer is a business professional with a degree from the prestigious Carlson School of Management. Our clients include successful business owners, as well as the spouses of business owners. Linda's ability to relate to the language of business and financial professionals has earned our family law firm an excellent reputation throughout the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Divorce Property Division: The Right Experience Means The Right Strategies

Numbers and dollar values are statistics and we all know that statistics can be made to say whatever we want them to. Numbers are not always as black and white as they seem. Asset valuation doesn't have as much leeway as statistics, but it is an art that requires experience to get it right. We have experience with marital property cases involving many divergent methods of valuation.

Divorce Asset Split: A Thousand Shades Of Gray

There are rarely hard and fast answers to any property valuation and division settlement. Take a simple issue like valuation of a house: Do you use realtors or appraisers to determine value? Both might be used, but the skill comes in knowing which one to use for the specific situation. Do sales costs get deducted? Perhaps, but it will depend on what advantages it gives our clients. Does it matter which spouse's name is on title? Again, the answer will be determined by the specific case. What if you owned it before marriage? There are formulas the courts use, which may or may not apply to your specific case.

What is more accurate, tax assessed or market value? How do repairs that need to be done affect value? Will you have to sell it? Will your spouse have to wait to withdraw equity? Nearly every question in this simple example will have a full range of possible answers. Our responsibility as your lawyers is to make sure we find the right answer that protects your financial interests.

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Whether your divorce property division includes a house in the suburbs or significant financial assets and property holdings, we are the firm to talk to. Contact us online or call us at (651) 714-2378/(651) 714-2378 to schedule a consultation at our Edina or Lake Elmo office.