Divorce Mediation Vs. Litigation

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If you are considering filing for divorce or you have already decided that ending your marriage is necessary, you may have questions concerning the best possible method to use for arriving at a fair and equitable arrangement. It is important to ask experienced counsel about the benefits and challenges of each type of option available.

Whether you have questions or feel collaborative law, traditional negotiation, divorce mediation or litigation is the right path for you, de Beer & Associates can help you use these models effectively.

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The Advantages Of Divorce Mediation

There are many differences between divorce mediation and traditional litigation in Minnesota family law courts. To begin with, in a divorce mediation, you maintain control of all aspects from when the petition is filed to how quickly or slowly decisions are made about any issue that arises. Instead of the judge dictating the timeline, the parties are free to determine how events will unfold and what decisions should be given priority.

Additionally, in a mediation setting, the paperwork is handled by counsel as well as the independent mediator that the parties agree upon. Not only does this make things easier for you, but it can avoid costly mistakes as well. Speaking of cost, mediations usually are far less expensive than traditional litigation battles, which can entail many more billable hours, and the decision rendered by the judge can end up costing them far more than what the parties may arrive at during a divorce mediation.

There are other types of costs that can be avoided if parties opt to use to divorce mediation. This includes the toll divorce can take on children who are caught up in an acrimonious divorce litigation situation. When adults work together to preserve relationships, this can alleviate additional stress for children during an already difficult time. It can also help parties arrive at creative solutions for issues such as child support, child custody and alimony that may not be accepted in court.

Litigation Remains A Viable Option

Another added benefit to divorce mediation is that parties are encouraged to focus on the positive and the mediator, who is often also an attorney, can help answer legal questions when people need clarification. It is also important to note that everything disclosed in a mediation setting is confidential and cannot be used in court if the mediation does not work or the parties still decide to litigate any outstanding matter. Mediation is not binding and the option to go to court remains available.

Our lawyers have experience using mediation as well as litigation successfully. We can help counsel you about which option is suitable for your situation and help you plan accordingly. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

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