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Twin Cities Divorce Mediation Attorneys

Mediation is a means of resolving divorce disputes, but it is not the same as a collaborative law process. In addition, it is a mistake to think that a "mediated" settlement does not require representation by an experienced lawyer. Whenever your legal rights and financial interests are at stake, retaining a qualified attorney is an important first step.

The legal staff at de Beer & Associates includes trained mediation attorneys, although we rarely serve in the role of mediator. We are available to represent your interests throughout the mediation process. Our lawyers understand the goals of the mediator and we know how the process should work. Through it all, we are at your side, guiding, advising and ensuring the central mediator takes your rights into full consideration.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a forum where a trained individual (the mediator) helps the parties come to agreement over settlement issues, including extended child support, parenting time and property distribution. Mediated agreements are not usually binding unless and until they are drafted into a document by the parties' attorneys.

The term "mediator" is not regulated by family law courts in Minnesota, so there are no licensing requirements. That means that attorney can hire out as a mediator and obtain an enormous impact upon the process. We work with only the most highly qualified and experienced mediation professionals.

The Divorce Mediator's Background Is Critical

It's not unusual for a poorly trained or inexperienced mediator to create more problems than he or she solves. By choosing the mediator carefully, we can ensure our clients the best opportunity for a fair and satisfactory settlement.

Not all cases are suitable for mediation. During a free initial strategy session, we will discuss mediation, as well as alternative collaborative divorce options. If mediation is right for you, we will help you choose the best professional with a skill set particularly suited for helping you settle your case quickly and efficiently.

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