Early Neutral Evaluation

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Your Divorce Need Not Be An Expensive Mess

We have all heard the horror stories about "messy divorces" that cost six-figure legal fees and are tied up in court for months. The fact is, your divorce will only become as messy and costly as you want it to be. Minnesota courts are firm about finding resolutions to custody, property and spousal support disputes that don't involve courtroom drama.

At de Beer & Associates, we will ensure that you fully understand the options that involve alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation and collaborative law. We will fight hard to protect your rights and interests and will work to help you meet your goals. But we will also be clear about the process and what your court jurisdiction will expect from a fair settlement proposal.

What Is Early Neutral Evaluation?

If you don't think reasonable mediation or collaborative efforts will resolve your toughest settlement issues, there is another approach that the courts will want you to try. Early neutral evaluation (ENE) is a process in which families seek an early opinion about how a judge is likely to rule on their proposals and resolutions.

Both spouses participate in the process, with their attorneys, but the evaluator simply provides his or her opinion. Although the parties are not legally required to accept the evaluator's recommendations, approximately 72 percent of the cases using ENE settle under the program. In the Twin Cities metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, this program is available in Hennepin and Ramsey counties, but is expected to begin in other counties soon.

Linda de Beer Is A Trained Evaluator

There are two ENE program options and a couple may choose either or both options. The first option is Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE), which handles issues relating to child custody and parenting time. The other option is Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE), which relates to issues involving property settlements. Linda de Beer is trained as an evaluator in FENE and SENE, and is on the Hennepin County and Ramsey County list of evaluators, selected by a steering committee consisting of judges and attorneys.

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Is an alternative dispute resolution such as early neutral evaluation right for your divorce? Contact us online , or call us at (651) 714-2378/(651) 714-2378 to schedule a free strategy session to discuss your options with one of our knowledgeable lawyers. ENE is an excellent program to consider, but may not be right for everyone.