Can I Do My Own Divorce?

A divorce is an all-consuming life event and a complex business transaction. It is more than simply filling out forms and not to be taken lightly.

While it may be possible for you to handle your own divorce, there are certain cases that should always be overseen by a trained professional. They include:

  • Cases involving child custody disputes.
  • Cases in which one spouse is a danger to the other spouse or children.
  • When you are concerned about securing the necessary financial support for you and your children.
  • When you believe your case will end up in court because of high conflict.
  • When you believe your spouse is transferring or hiding assets to avoid property division.
  • If your spouse has retained his or her own attorney.

If any of these describe your situation, it is wise to retain an experienced divorce lawyer. At de Beer & Associates, P.A., we have been representing the best interests of people in your situation for more than 20 years.

Even if you believe you and your spouse are well-suited to handle your own divorce, take advantage of your rights and seek an opinion from an experienced family law attorney. At de Beer & Associates, P.C., we offer a free initial consultation so there is no cost to learn more about your options and have your questions answered.

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