Tax Issues In Divorce

As marital property is divided in a divorce, there are important tax issues that must be recognized and properly handled. Failure to do so can result in mistakes that leave one or both parties with significantly less money after the settlement or, in extreme case, facing audits and other actions by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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The Tax Implications Of Divorce

Many issues in a divorce can lead to significant tax implications, such as the sale of a marital house or the handling of investments that have accrued throughout the course of the marriage. For example, the decision of whether to sell the house before or after the divorce is finalized can make a significant difference in the capital gains tax.

We work with financial experts such as accountants and actuaries to determine the proper valuation of retirement accounts and to determine the tax implications of dividing them. We make sure that the tax burdens of the marital assets are fairly divided along with the marital assets and debts.

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