Broaching the subject of a prenuptial agreement with your fiancé

For many couples, it is a good idea to consider signing a prenuptial agreement before marriage.

Following an engagement, it can be difficult to determine how to bring up the subject of a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse. You may be concerned that the subject will dampen the excitement of the engagement. Nevertheless, discussing the option of a prenup is often a good idea for couples intending to marry.

A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into before marriage, wherein the parties can delineate how their assets will be divided should the marriage end. In Minnesota, before a prenuptial agreement is signed, both parties must disclose their earnings and property and they must have an opportunity to discuss the contract with an attorney.

While determining the matters to be addressed in a prenuptial agreement can be challenging, having the initial conversation with your future spouse can also be difficult. When bringing up the subject of a prenuptial agreement with your fiancé, make an effort to stay calm.

Rather than declaratively stating that you will be signing a prenuptial agreement before the wedding, approach the matter as an issue for discussion. The simple act of listening to your future spouse's ideas on the subject may avoid any unnecessary arguments. In addition, you may be surprised to find that he or she had similar plans to bring up the subject of a prenup with you.

Should your prenup include a social media clause?

While it is common for couples to determine how wealth will be divided if the marriage ends in a prenuptial agreement, an increasing number of couples are now planning for other scenarios that could arise following a dissolution.

These days, many couples share aspects of their lives via social media websites, such as Twitter and Facebook. When a couple decides to split, social media often becomes a tool to embarrass the other spouse or to air grievances about the marriage.

Social media clauses in prenuptial agreements are designed to prevent distraught spouses from taking such action. Generally, a social media clause will provide that former spouses are not allowed to post embarrassing photographs or comments about the other on social media websites. If one spouse fails to abide by the terms of the social media clause, he or she is typically penalized financially.

If you have recently gotten engaged, it is likely a good idea to discuss a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse. Seeking the counsel of a skilled family law attorney, in such cases, will ensure your interests are protected.

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