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Divorce involving son of Vikings part-owner takes strange turn

When a Minnesota couple chooses to part ways and get a divorce, there are numerous issues that must be navigated. If it is a divorce with significant assets and hefty financial holdings, it's likely that the disputes will be more intense as to which side will receive what once the divorce is completed. With family-owned businesses, business assets and a complex asset division, it's inevitable that the sides will try to find ways to keep as much as they possibly can.

A divorce between the son of a part-owner of the Minnesota Vikings and the woman who is apparently his wife has taken a strange turn as the man is alleging that he and the woman were never legally married. Together for 20 years and with three children, the man is asserting that a technicality rendered the marriage nonexistent. Their wedding was conducted by a rabbi in his office and they received the license over two weeks later. The 47-year-old man is an attorney and oversees business affairs for the family who, in addition to the ownership of the Vikings, is involved with office and retail space all over the United States. His wife alleges that he is trying to avoid a fair distribution of the assets in the divorce. The couple filed for divorce after a domestic violence incident.

When a couple is getting a divorce and there are substantial assets involved, it's important for the sides to know how to move forward. In a best case scenario, they will be able to agree on a distribution of assets and come to a consensus on a complex asset division. That, however, is rarely the case.

If there was a prenuptial agreement, it must be studied to ensure that it covers all the issues. In many instances, the fortune was accrued after the agreement was signed. Knowing how to find hidden assets, understanding tax implications and having experts with knowledge in high-asset divorces is a key to achieving an equitable settlement.

In this case, the man is trying a unique strategy to avoid a massive payout in the divorce. The wife is protesting his assertion that they were never married. When there is a divorce with large personal and business assets, it's important that those involved have proper legal advice.

Source: Wall Street Journal, "Son of Minnesota Vikings Part-Owner Says He Wasn't Legally Married to His Wife," Yoni Bashan and Heather Haddon, Sept. 18, 2014

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