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Vast financial holdings at stake in high-profile lawyer's divorce

In Stillwater, a couple choosing to part ways and end their marriage is difficult enough. When there are significant financial holdings and a high-asset divorce, it can grow even harder. When navigating the harsh terrain of a marriage ending, there might be real property, a complex asset division and business assets that must be sifted through with both sides staking a claim for them.

A prominent personal injury lawyer who is frequently seen on television commercials promoting his practice is engaging in a divorce with his wife. The two are disagreeing about many aspects of their separation with accusations flowing back and forth. The man states that his wife left him. She says that she threw him out of their condominium.

The divorce filing came in early June. The wife says she was "blindsided" by it. He says that she was that one who wanted it. The wife claims that she has been bouncing from place to place without a permanent home. Her husband states that she has spent over $100,000 on hotels since the breakup. Also at stake are several properties, including a condo that was purchased for approximately $4 million.

All divorce proceedings are different and should be treated as such. This is especially true with divorces in which there are vast financial holdings. Many questions must be asked, such as whether there was a prenuptial agreement, if there are major debts, as well as assets and if there are children involved. Taxes and the possibility that certain assets have been hidden are also important aspects for consideration. When making the decision to divorce, it is imperative that all these factors be examined and accounted for before the situation spins out of control with each side making claims on various assets and properties.

In this case, the husband and wife are clearly having trouble getting on the same page with how the separation came about, and what will happen going forward. This is not uncommon when there is a lot of money and property at stake. When a couple is heading toward divorce and has major assets to consider, they should contact and discuss their case with an attorney experienced in complex asset division as soon as possible.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, "Prominent lawyer's divorce no easy case," July 19, 2014

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