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Famed director with vast financial holdings embroiled in divorce

Anytime a couple in Stillwater chooses to end their marriage, they will have numerous issues to sort through. A divorce, no matter the circumstances, will have financial and personal aspects that must be waded through. In some cases, the sides are in constant battle. The more significant financial holdings, the more likely it is that there will be disputes over who will get to keep what once the proceeding is finalized.

When a famous couple with notable business assets divorces, it garners a lot of attention. Such is the case with filmmaker Michael Moore as he and his wife go through a divorce. Moore and his wife have been married for 21 years.

Among the nine properties they own, a mansion is currently in dispute. Moore claims that his wife wasted millions of dollars on the mansion. The couple is preparing to go to court with assets that are believed to be in the tens of millions of dollars at stake.

Every divorce proceeding has a life of its own. In some instances, there are family-owned businesses that both sides believe they have a right to. Massive financial holdings will create disagreements with how they are divided. Each individual divorce must be sifted through to see if there were prenuptial agreements, whether or not the spouse who ran the business started it before the marriage, and whether there is a diversity of assets that could complicate attempts to divide them. Sometimes there are hidden assets and tax implications even if the couple is able to work together reasonably to end the marriage.

In the case of Moore, the famed filmmaker not only has to deal with the public scrutiny surrounding the end of his two-decade marriage, but there are many business assets in the balance. Whether a high-asset divorce is contentious or amicable, there will be many factors to be accounted for. If a couple has vast financial holdings and they're considering a divorce, the first thing they should do to avoid confusion and long-term problems is to discuss the case with an attorney experienced in these matters.

Source:, "Michael Moore's Michigan mansion at stake in divorce case," June 5, 2014

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