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Considering divorce? Proposed legislation may impact the way you learn about the dissolution process

Whether good or bad, major life events have the ability to turn an individual's life completely upside down. Some events, such as health emergencies, may come completely out of the blue. Other situations, such as divorce and issues related to dissolving a marriage can be anticipated at times. The better educated you are about the dissolution process, the better you will be able to navigate with a level head what can be troubled waters.

Honest, straightforward guidance in this regard is something that any married couple in the Twin Cities might expect from their respective attorneys, especially if the lawyers have extensive experience in the area of divorce and family law. However the legislature at the Capitol in St. Paul is considering legislation that would take things a step further.

In the bill that was introduced in the Senate earlier this month, parents with minor children who are divorcing would be required to attend a four-hour class before their case could proceed. This is not the first time that legislation requiring that parents attend a "Divorce 101" course has been considered, but supporters note that there is broader bipartisan backing for it this time around.

One of the chief sponsors of the bill says the purpose of the classes would be to help divorcing parents better plan for the various challenges that they will inevitably face. Monetary issues and child custody matters are expected to be of particular focus within this course. One of the chief sponsors also notes that the course may even prompt some couples to reconcile.

If successful, this would replace the current parenting education requirement set forth by Minnesota Statute. The primary difference between the current parenting education requirement and the proposed legislature is that the proposed requirement will provide divorcing parties with a broader education as to divorce and the issues that may arise as a result, rather than merely addressing custody, child support, and parenting time. Neither the current education requirement nor the proposed education requirement comes free of charge. However, both provide for a good-cause waiver of the fees associated with the requirement so long as certain criteria are met.

Having a clear understanding of what the divorce process entails is imperative. This is especially the case when you consider the fact that the approach taken on certain issues, such as spousal maintenance, can vary from county to county and judge to judge. The best course of action is to consult with knowledgeable attorneys regarding the current state of the law and legislation that may affect your case.

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