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If you're thinking of divorce in the new year, you're not alone

It has been widely claimed for a number of years that January is the busy season for attorneys who practice family law. The theory is that the holidays are the peak season for relationship breakups and that with the coming of each new year couples start the ball rolling on formalizing their dissolution decisions.

Statistics seem to suggest that there is at least some truth to the idea. Experts are at something of a loss as to why this might be, but as CBS recently reported, it's generally thought that social pressures that tend to rise during the holidays lead to something of an relational eruption.

And it's not just married couples deciding to divorce. Data gleaned from a number of dating applications suggests turnover is high among unmarried couples, as well. According to a review of status updates on Facebook, things start to ramp up in the two weeks before Christmas, plunge just ahead of New Years, and then take off again in January. But the real peak for status changes doesn't hit until around March.

We don't know what role property division issues may play in the relational tectonics of Minnesota couples. But from a family law perspective, it may be worth pondering.

Keep in mind that Minnesota is a community property state. That means that any assets a couple realizes during their marriage will be subject to valuation and equal division in some way in the event of divorce.

Establishing value of any items received during a holiday period might be easy to accomplish. But valuing long-standing assets, such as homes, businesses and pensions, and developing a viable plan for financial distributions can be complicated. The help of an experienced attorney is always recommended. 

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