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Adequate spousal maintenance in a divorce requires legal help

When a marriage fails in Minnesota, it's a disappointing and sad time for all parties involved. Whether the marriage extended over many decades or was short-lived, there's a sense of loss that the marriage simply didn't work out for one reason or another. If there are children involved, the series of issues can grow contentious and difficult. Even if there were no children as part of the marriage, a frequent dispute that arises has to do with alimony -- how much should be paid and for how long.

There is no iron clad set of rules when courts decide how much the spousal maintenance will be. Often, a spousal maintenance calculator is used, but it can vary as to what is awarded depending on the circumstances. There are numerous ways to analyze the income of the spouse who is expected to pay spousal maintenance. If there is property, assets and debts involved, the amount the receiving spouse will get can range from a small amount to a significant amount. Each side will have their reasons for asking that a certain amount be paid. The spouse who is expected to pay might not want to pay anything at all. It is up to the courts to decide on what the amount ordered for spousal maintenance will be.

In some instances, people avoid ending their marriage not because they're trying to save it, but because they're concerned about how much they'll have to pay or how much will be received in the aftermath. While the idea of marriage isn't about living together for the sake of financial circumstances, it's unavoidable that these issues will crop up. When the situation in the home becomes untenable for one reason or another, money paid or received shouldn't be the deciding factor in clinging to a failing marriage.

Those who are worried about their financial circumstances as a payer or recipient following a divorce need to have the proper legal advice as to how the decision will be made. Having professionals on the case with access to financial experts and analysts can mean the difference between receiving an amount that is satisfactory or one that is woefully short of what was wanted and needed. Just as the decision to get a divorce is a major one, so too is the way in which it is handled. Discussing the matter with an experienced legal professional is paramount.

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