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If you're thinking about divorce, smartphone apps can help

Considering divorce? Want some advice on whether to proceed? One can turn to friends or family members who have been through it for their advice. Books and magazine articles may also provide insight. And, it should not be a surprise to learn, your smartphone may also be able to help.

A variety of apps have popped up that purport to help people in the Twin Cities who thinking about getting divorced. Some provide questions to help the user consider all of the ramifications of ending his or her marriage. Others are intended for kids, to help them deal with their parents splitting up.

One app is called “The Grass Is Greener.” It leads the user through a 39-question quiz, made up of questions like, “Who besides you would this decision impact?” Instead of a score, at the end the user gets a list of referrals that reflects his or her answers. For someone who seems certain about getting divorced, there are phone numbers for the divorce attorney who developed the app, as well as other divorce-related professionals.

Another app was created by the company behind “Sesame Street.” Called “Sesame Street: Divorce,” the app features appearances by favorite Muppets. Kids can change the expression on a Muppet face to help them express their feelings. For parents, there are videos and scripts to help them answer their children’s questions.

None of these apps can take the place of speaking to an attorney. A flesh-and-blood lawyer can evaluate your situation and fight for your rights when it comes to dividing up the marital property and determining child custody, among other things.

Source: The Hamilton Spectator, “Pondering divorce? There’s an app for that,” Katie Humphrey, March 20, 2014

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