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Property Division Archives

How are retirement accounts included in a divorce settlement?

For Minnesota couples who hold a significant amount of assets and property, the divorce process often requires careful attention. As couples approach property division to negotiate how their community property will be divided, it may become important to pay attention to how a spouse's retirement plans are included in the final settlement.

Minnesota couple learns the lessons of divorcing with a mortgage

At first glance, issues in the housing market concerning foreclosures may have little to do with family and divorce law. In reality, having an outstanding mortgage or dealing with foreclosure should be of acute interest to divorcing Minnesota couples. Part of the property division process is including your home mortgage, if it still has not yet been paid off. Splitting up a mortgage can be a difficult enough task in divorce proceedings, but finding out you're responsible for a mortgage after your divorce is something completely different situation.

Actor Dennis Quaid faces property division issues in divorce

Hollywood veteran Dennis Quaid, star of "Great Balls of Fire" and "The Rookie," has recently announced that he and his wife are seeking a divorce. The couple announced they are separating after almost eight years of marriage. Quaid and his wife are likely to deal with serious property division questions as they proceed with their divorce. Like many Minnesota couples, this celebrity couple faces the complex issues commonly associated with high-asset divorces.

Divorcing couples often find difficulty when splitting property

A divorcing couple's home is the source of a lot of memories and emotions. Some of the best moments in a marriage involve purchasing a home and building a family within its walls. This is why property division can be such a contentious issue for divorcing couples. Deciding who gets the house, who will take care of an outstanding mortgage or if the house should be put up for sale are serious questions many Minnesota couples going through divorce are asking themselves.