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The impact of income on child support and alimony

When a couple divorces in Minnesota it is vital to get an accurate accounting of their ex-spouse's income. Income is important because it impacts how the court calculates alimony. Unfortunately, calculating real income for the sake of alimony is not always easy. One way to calculate alimony, however, is to use a spousal maintenance calculator. For Minnesotans currently filing for divorce and requesting spousal maintenance the following may be helpful.

Amount and duration of spousal maintenance in Minnesota

Alimony is not uncommon in divorces where there are significant disparities in income. Courts award alimony, also referred to as spousal maintenance, to limit the economic hardship to the lower-wage earning spouse. To decide on the amount of alimony, the court often considers a number of factors. The court also has broad discretion when awarding alimony. Minnesota couples considering divorce might find the following piece on spousal maintenance helpful.