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Child Custody Archives

Technology may be answer to complex parenting plans

Co-parenting a child after a divorce has never been an easy task. In addition to disputes over money and parenting, some of the most complex arguments deal with child custody issues, particularly visitation time. Thanks to advances in technology, however, there are more options than ever for parents seeking to spend time with their children. New York divorcees with children might be interested to learn a bit about the boom in e-parenting.

Famous actress losses battle to move child overseas

Issues involving children are among the most difficult in family law. Child custody can include everything from parenting time and visitation rights, to international abduction matters. Each of these issues has its own complications and each can comes with an emotional toll. The following is a scenario that arises when one parent wants to relocate. Minnesota couples might learn a thing or two from the following case.

Minnesota courts aim to reduce conflict in child custody disputes

Litigation is adversarial. It is frequently the nature of the process. In most instances the litigation process serves our interests, allowing truth to emerge at the conclusion of legal hearings. In family law, however, when child custody is at issue, many believe that the cost of battle may simply be too high to allow a dispute to be litigated in court.

'Minnesota nice' may be the best approach to solve child custody

Too often those affected most in a divorce are the children. Good intentions or not, most couples rarely agree on every issue, and with children in the picture the disputes can linger for years. To avoid ongoing conflict and future disputes, a more collaborative approach may be suggested in order to work out child custody issues. Minnesota couples interested in learning about less stressful approaches to child custody issues will likely have interest in learning about alternatives to traditional, contested divorce.

Summertime can complicate child custody arrangements

It is summer time and with summer vacation rearing its head divorced couples can begin to get heated over child custody arrangements and parenting time. The problem with many custody agreements is that they appear set in stone while, in reality, a child's needs are constantly changing. For Minnesota parents struggling with custody arrangements or parenting plans, use of a mediator might provide a low cost alternative to resolving these matters.

International custody disputes often hinge on Hague treaty

Among the many issues couples face in divorce, some of the most complicated cases involve parents attempting to enforce custody agreements across borders. Minnesota parents facing child custody disputes, domestic or international, might benefit from understanding the complexities of the laws surrounding custody.

Child custody: Parents' plans often reflect best interests

In a previous post, it was mentioned that Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton vetoed a child custody bill seeking to increase the minimum amount of time allowed for divorced parents to spend with their children. Under existing legislation, the minimum amount of time to be spent with either parent is 25 percent, yet the bill proposed an increase to a minimum of 35 percent.

Minnesota governor pocket vetoes amended child custody bill

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has vetoed a bill to amend the state's child custody law. Readers may recall from an earlier post that the bill recently passed in both the Minnesota House and Senate. However, the bill failed to make it past the governor's desk.

Minnesota governor to consider revised joint custody law

Minnesota divorces involving children may see changes if Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signs child custody legislation that recently passed the state house and senate. Readers of this blog may recall an earlier post where we discussed the original Children's Equal and Shared Parenting Act, which required each divorced parent to get 45.1 percent of the time with the child.

Man charged for violating custody orders, moving 3 kids out of US

Minnesota couples who make the decision to divorce face a lot of important decisions as they work through the process. Finances and children are usually the most important aspects of a divorce. Settling questions of child custody, in particular, may require parents to work together to ensure the well-being of their children. This cooperation often extends beyond the time that the divorce is finalized.