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Posts tagged "child support payments"

Child support and the changing face of divorce

Many of society's views and perceptions of marriage and divorce belong to a world that no longer exists. For one thing, many of the stereotypical gender roles we associate with men and women are no longer applicable. One example is the pending divorce of reality television star Bethenny Frankel. Minnesota couples considering divorce, especially those with female breadwinners, might find the divorce of this high-profile couple to be interesting.

Klum and Seal hold significant assets amid divorce

Supermodel Heidi Klum and her husband Seal, a recording artist, were widely considered one of Hollywood's most stable "power-couples," until they recently announced their intentions to seek a divorce. Now that the couple is going to separate, they have a considerable amount of assets to divide, which could lead to contentious divorce proceedings. Minnesota couples facing the task of complex asset division might be able to learn from the proceedings in this celebrity split.