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Collaborative Law Archives

How does the collaborative divorce process work?

"Military Intelligence," "exact estimate," and "Microsoft Works." Standing alone, those phrases may seem to make perfect sense. Put them into some sort of context, as comedian George Carlin was famous for doing, and it becomes apparent that there is an oxymoronic aspect to each of them.

Understanding the use of collaborative law in divorce

Minnesota residents may be interested in learning more about what collaborative law is and how it may help a divorcing couple. Through the use of this process, much of the stress and difficulty of a divorce may be avoided. Collaborative law is a relatively new way of resolving differences that seeks to sidestep the time and expense of courtroom divorce proceedings. Statistics show that 90 percent of divorces end in a settlement without a judge's decision. However, this is often after a long period in which motions are filed and angry statements on both sides are entered into the public record. The collaborative law process is an attempt to move toward settlement from the beginning by sharing resources and working together to solve the major divorce issues.

Will Gywneth Paltrow's divorce be collaborative?

The news that actress Gywneth Paltrow and her husband, rock star Chris Martin, are getting a divorce has spread across gossip websites and other media sources around the country since it was announced late in March. Though celebrity divorces are nothing new, one possibly noteworthy thing about this one is that the couple claims their split is free of bitterness, anger, and other negative emotions often experienced during a divorce.

France might say 'oui' to more collaborative type of divorce

No two divorces are the same. Every case has its own family, individuals, history and goals behind it. Some divorces take place in a courtroom. They might involve disgruntled, unfriendly parties who debate every single aspect of their divorce settlement.