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Stillwater Minnesota Divorce Law Blog

How can I be sure that my mediated settlement meets my needs?

Just because divorce is a legal proceeding does not mean that you have to duke it out in court. There are distinct advantages to trying to resolve the issues related to your divorce outside of litigation. For one, litigation is expensive. Not only is it expensive but you are also giving a stranger the authority to make decisions that will affect your life not only now, but for years to come. By resolving your divorce outside of the courtroom you have the ability to ensure that your and your family’s needs are met. There are a number of processes availability to divorcing Minnesotans that do not involve litigation. The question is: which one is right for you?

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Not all retirement plans are treated equally in Minnesota divorces

The language of the law can be confusing and convoluted, especially taking into consideration the varying approaches of the courts in Minnesota. Add on the fact that certain issues can be addressed in a number of different ways depending upon a multitude of factors and there’s no wonder why you have a headache.

This is especially true with regard to divorce and the division of property. In the case of retirement accounts, this confusion can lead to one or both parties not receiving their fair shake of the property settlement.

What can I expect in spousal maintenance in Minnesota divorce?

When it comes to Minnesota divorce, spousal maintenance is one of the more imprecise matters that can arise. This is for a number of reasons, including the fact that, unlike child support, there is no set formula for the calculation of spousal maintenance. Not to mention the fact that the approach given to spousal support varies from county to county, sometimes even from judge to judge. A strategy employed in Hennepin County may not necessarily work in Washington County or Dakota County. As such, a full understanding of Minnesota law and legal experience throughout the metro area are important factors to take into consideration when looking for legal guidance in this particular facet of the dissolution process.

Tips for a successful divorce

It’s hard to imagine what a “successful divorce” looks like. For one, each individual going through the dissolution process has different goals and objectives. A “success” in one case may be uncharted territory in another. There is also the fact that most individuals do not get divorced more than once in their lifetime. Divorce is rarely easy, but there are certain things that anyone facing divorce in Minnesota can do to set the stage for the best possible outcome.

With an estimated 1 million divorces granted in the United States each year, you can rest easy knowing that you are not alone. While no two divorces are alike, attorneys specializing in family law can draw from their experiences to help guide you through the process. By enlisting help from an experienced attorney, you can be confident that you will be guided safely from start to finish.