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July 2014 Archives

Vast financial holdings at stake in high-profile lawyer's divorce

In Stillwater, a couple choosing to part ways and end their marriage is difficult enough. When there are significant financial holdings and a high-asset divorce, it can grow even harder. When navigating the harsh terrain of a marriage ending, there might be real property, a complex asset division and business assets that must be sifted through with both sides staking a claim for them.

Social media may affect your divorce

Minnesota residents know social media has become a way for individuals to interact and share their thoughts and life events. Emotional outbursts while going through a divorce might best be left to less public communication methods. Speaking openly about the dissolution of a marriage may be used in court. Posts on Facebook remain even if deleted if someone else copies the post before it is gone.

Making sense of property division and asset issues in a divorce

For Minnesota couples who are preparing to divorce and have concerns about how the property division and other financial issues will be decided, it's important to gather relevant facts to avoid any complications. It's a major life decision to divorce, and one of the factors that leads to long disputes is the divorce asset split. Couples who prepare themselves for life after a divorce are likely to have an easier time getting their lives back in order than those who give no thought to finances until it is too late.

A hoopster's custody battle

In Minnesota and other states, courts will decide both legal and physical custody of a minor. Legal custody means making important decisions about education, health care, and other issues; physical custody means deciding where the child will live and establishing a daily routine. Parents can have sole or joint custody, depending on the circumstances. If the parents agree on all custody issues, they may file a stipulation with the court on the child's living arrangements.

Understanding child custody issues in a divorce

When a couple in Stillwater, Minnesota chooses to get a divorce and there are children involved, one of the most frequent disagreements that arises has to do with child custody. Make no mistake about it, children are a hot button issue, especially when both parents want to have the child living with them for the majority of the time. Other problems that could come up have to do with child support and parenting time. It is imperative that parents who are embroiled in a divorce know how to make sure their rights are accounted for while the children's best interests are at the forefront.

Divorce asset split a common factor in older couples' divorces

When people of any age choose to part ways and divorce in Stillwater, Minnesota there are many factors that go into moving forward. Along with getting past the emotional upheaval that comes with a divorce, there are certain issues like what happens to the children and whom is going to live where that have to be dealt with. In addition, property valuation, equal division, divorce asset split and property division all must be hashed out.