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June 2014 Archives

Fathers increasingly trying to gain legal custody of children

In Washington, when there is a child custody dispute, one of the concerns that often arises has to do with the visitation rights of the father and gaining physical custody. While the ideal resolution is to have parenting time organized in such a way that it is satisfactory to both parents, there are times when a father doesn't feel that the amount of time allocated is enough and he will strive to receive custody on a full-time basis.

Man arrested for failing to pay spousal maintenance

There are many concerns for a divorcing couple in Stillwater. In some instances, there are significant assets, children whose future living arrangements have to be determined and how much spousal maintenance will be paid. Alimony is frequently in dispute when there is a divorce. The amount of money that will be paid is often disagreed upon and, in some instances, the payer fails to keep up with the payments.

Famed director with vast financial holdings embroiled in divorce

Anytime a couple in Stillwater chooses to end their marriage, they will have numerous issues to sort through. A divorce, no matter the circumstances, will have financial and personal aspects that must be waded through. In some cases, the sides are in constant battle. The more significant financial holdings, the more likely it is that there will be disputes over who will get to keep what once the proceeding is finalized.

State law requires class for parents before they can divorce

In Minnesota, many people in troubled marriages turn to counseling to try to solve the problems in their relationship. Counseling works for a lot of couples, but others find that their troubles are too much to overcome. So they get divorced.

Parents sharing legal custody in dispute over mother's relocation

When a Washington couple shares a child and they go their separate ways, there are many issues that must be settled. In some instances, the couple is able to come to a reasonable agreement when it comes to legal custody, visitation rights and parenting time. In others, there are disagreements every step of the way. Because child custody is such a sensitive issue for everyone involved, the parents need to do everything they can to make the situation as smooth as possible, even if they're not able to come to a consensus.