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March 2013 Archives

Dividing retirement accounts in divorce asset split can be tricky

Whenever a married couple decides to divorce, they must come to an agreement on how they intend to divide their assets. Common assets available for division include the family home, investment accounts, debts and even household items. The most difficult items to divide are often less tangible assets like life insurance and retirement accounts. Minnesota readers may find the following blog on property division and retirement accounts intersting.

Dealing with a family-owned business after a divorce

Family-owned businesses are part of the American way of life, including here in Minnesota. Unfortunately, so is divorce. According to a professor of entrepreneurship at North Dakota State University, nearly 65 percent of all U.S. businesses are family-owned, with approximately 30 percent co-owned by spouses. With so many buisness owned by married couples it is essential that all couples have a plan for handling the business after a divorce.

Prenuptial agreements vital in high asset divorce

Divorce is rarely quick and easy, especially for high asset couples. One example of this is the Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher divorce. As many Minnesota residents may recall the high profile couple announced their split more than a year ago. So why is it taking so long?

The impact of income on child support and alimony

When a couple divorces in Minnesota it is vital to get an accurate accounting of their ex-spouse's income. Income is important because it impacts how the court calculates alimony. Unfortunately, calculating real income for the sake of alimony is not always easy. One way to calculate alimony, however, is to use a spousal maintenance calculator. For Minnesotans currently filing for divorce and requesting spousal maintenance the following may be helpful.