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January 2013 Archives

Amount and duration of spousal maintenance in Minnesota

Alimony is not uncommon in divorces where there are significant disparities in income. Courts award alimony, also referred to as spousal maintenance, to limit the economic hardship to the lower-wage earning spouse. To decide on the amount of alimony, the court often considers a number of factors. The court also has broad discretion when awarding alimony. Minnesota couples considering divorce might find the following piece on spousal maintenance helpful.

Lack of prenuptial agreement results in huge loss to Buzz

A prenuptial agreement is important for those looking to protect property interests following marriage. In some cases, failing to draft a prenuptial agreement can result in painful losses. Think McCartney! The following is another example of bad planning by a high-profile couple with complex asset division issues, including a family-owned business, and the painful effect of not entering into a prenuptial agreement. Minnesota couples should consider this a warning.

For many Minnesotans, January may be a time for new beginnings

Whether it is the result of a desire to make change or simply to postpone tax consequences, divorce is particularly popular in the month of January. Regardless of why a couple decides to end a marriage, the fact is that divorce can be a long process, especially for high-asset couples with complex asset division. The following is some advice for Minnesota couples considering filing for a divorce. If nothing else, it might help some couples begin to prepare.

What can and cannot be included in a prenuptial agreement?

Before exchanging vows, Minnesota couples may weigh the benefits of obtaining a prenuptial agreement. The primary reason to have a prenuptial agreement, according to family law observers, is that it allows the couple lay out their property division and financial future in the event that they decide to get divorced down the road.

Child support and the changing face of divorce

Many of society's views and perceptions of marriage and divorce belong to a world that no longer exists. For one thing, many of the stereotypical gender roles we associate with men and women are no longer applicable. One example is the pending divorce of reality television star Bethenny Frankel. Minnesota couples considering divorce, especially those with female breadwinners, might find the divorce of this high-profile couple to be interesting.