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December 2012 Archives

Understanding blame and the no-fault divorce

Whenever infidelity is at the center of a divorce, people want to know if it will affect the outcome of the case. This is particularly true in cases involving a high asset divorce. The answer to the question, however, is complicated. The first question is whether the state's divorce laws are no-fault or fault-based. Today, most states are like Minnesota and are no-fault states. The following is a brief discussion of no-fault divorce laws in Minnesota

What happens when someone fails to pay alimony?

When a couple ends their marriage the court may award a few different types of payments. One form of payment the court may award is alimony or spousal support. Alimony is a payment made from one spouse to another for the purpose of limiting the economic effects of divorce. Failure to make a court ordered payment such as alimony can have serious consequences as well, something that should be considered when making an agreement.

Is it possible to run the family business with your ex-spouse?

No one can deny that running a business is difficult. It can be significantly more difficult, however, if your business partner is your ex-spouse. Nevertheless, couples with family owned businesses divorce every day. While it's generally known that professional affairs can become complicated when mixed with family issues, , sometimes there may not be a way around it. The following is a look at divorce and the family business, and some tips for Minnesotans facing this divorce related issue.

Technology may be answer to complex parenting plans

Co-parenting a child after a divorce has never been an easy task. In addition to disputes over money and parenting, some of the most complex arguments deal with child custody issues, particularly visitation time. Thanks to advances in technology, however, there are more options than ever for parents seeking to spend time with their children. New York divorcees with children might be interested to learn a bit about the boom in e-parenting.