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November 2012 Archives

Raising cash for alimony can involve tricky tax consequences

Alimony is a financial payment that one spouse makes to another spouse following the end of the couples marriage. Following the end of a couple's marriage, they must work out a variety of financial details. One such detail, alimony, is a payment that one spouse must make to the other following divorce. Also referred to as spousal maintenance, alimony can be structured in either a lump some or monthly payment. How to structure the payments depends on the unique financial situation of the particular couple. Minnesota couples going through divorce might find the following piece on spousal maintenance and tax consequences interesting.

Famous actress losses battle to move child overseas

Issues involving children are among the most difficult in family law. Child custody can include everything from parenting time and visitation rights, to international abduction matters. Each of these issues has its own complications and each can comes with an emotional toll. The following is a scenario that arises when one parent wants to relocate. Minnesota couples might learn a thing or two from the following case.

Paving the road to an amicable divorce for Minnesotans

Divorce may include a wide variety of difficulties, but dividing assets is one aspect of divorce that presents obstacles doe many couples. However, it does not have to be that way. If one is equipped with the proper legal information and a calm head, then a relatively painless divorce may be possible. The following are a few tips to help Minnesota couples manage a smoother and divorce.

Even rock n' roll legends fall on hard times once in awhile

Divorce is never easy but wealth can make things more complicated. One way to avoid a complicated divorce is to sign a prenuptial. Prenuptial agreements allow couples with complex marital property, such as family-owned businesses, the ability to streamline their divorce proceedings. Unfortunately, many couples do not sign prenuptial agreements. Some Minnesota couples might find the following article on high-asset divorce motivational.

Dividing property at an older age may seriously affect retirement

We often think that once we reach a certain stage in life divorce becomes less likely. Strangely, however, this is not true. Indeed, more and more couples are beginning to divorce at a later age. While divorce is always complex, getting divorced at an older age carries a unique set of issues, particularly concerning property division and financial security. Minnesota couples considering a "gray divorce" might find the following article on divorce interesting.