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August 2012 Archives

Wealthier couples choose divorce over separation more often

A recent study released at the American Sociological Association's annual conference provides a new look at divorce and separation in America. Specifically, the study looks at trends among couples choosing divorce. Despite the findings, Minnesota is unique because it has "legal" separation. In general, however, it appears that even with "legal" separation couples with more money still tend to choose divorce over separation.

'Minnesota nice' may be the best approach to solve child custody

Too often those affected most in a divorce are the children. Good intentions or not, most couples rarely agree on every issue, and with children in the picture the disputes can linger for years. To avoid ongoing conflict and future disputes, a more collaborative approach may be suggested in order to work out child custody issues. Minnesota couples interested in learning about less stressful approaches to child custody issues will likely have interest in learning about alternatives to traditional, contested divorce.

Creating asset inventory can help with divorce

Divorce is rarely uncomplicated, especially when dividing assets. Making matters worse is the lack of uniformity among the several states. Each state has its own rules about property division. Understanding these laws is the key to understanding what a person will, or will not get, in a divorce, but before any of the legalities can come into play, the couple must first figure out what is at stake. That is why making an inventory is so important. Minnesota couples considering divorce will find the following piece on inventorying assets in a divorce helpful.

More Monet, more problems: Couple divorces, splits art collection

Divorce can bring on all sorts of complicated problems. While most of us may never experience the stress that accompanies parting with priceless pieces of artwork, like an original John Singer Sargent or a rare Monet, for others this is very much a reality. That is why art lovers in Minnesota readers may be interested in a recent story involving high-asset property division during a divorce.