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June 2012 Archives

Child custody: Parents' plans often reflect best interests

In a previous post, it was mentioned that Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton vetoed a child custody bill seeking to increase the minimum amount of time allowed for divorced parents to spend with their children. Under existing legislation, the minimum amount of time to be spent with either parent is 25 percent, yet the bill proposed an increase to a minimum of 35 percent.

New technologies attempt to assist with some aspects of divorce

Divorce is can come with its share of complications, but several new software programs designed for couples preparing for divorce intend to ease some of the burdens. These "divorce" apps, which were created by family law attorneys from across the country, are available specifically for iPhone and Android mobile devices. Tech-savvy Minnesota residents might be tempted to learn more about how some of these apps might help them manage the "business" of divorce, particularly property division, a little bit more easily.

Minnesota governor pocket vetoes amended child custody bill

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has vetoed a bill to amend the state's child custody law. Readers may recall from an earlier post that the bill recently passed in both the Minnesota House and Senate. However, the bill failed to make it past the governor's desk.