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April 2012 Archives

Former Yahoo executive settles heated divorce, avoids trial

After spending nearly five years battling over the terms of their divorce, ex-Yahoo president Susan Decker and her husband, a former investment banker, have finally reached a settlement out of court. Likewise, Minnesota couples who are dealing with the prospect of complex asset division should know that a mutually-beneficial settlement can be reached, even after a lengthy dispute.

How are retirement accounts included in a divorce settlement?

For Minnesota couples who hold a significant amount of assets and property, the divorce process often requires careful attention. As couples approach property division to negotiate how their community property will be divided, it may become important to pay attention to how a spouse's retirement plans are included in the final settlement.

In light of divorce, skier Lindsey Vonn encounters tax troubles

Most people in Minnesota know Lindsey Vonn for her ability to tear down the slopes to victory. Within the last year, however, the Olympic gold medalist and St. Paul native has run into some trouble in her personal life. After going through divorce and complex asset division, it was recently revealed that Vonn owed the Internal Revenue Service over $1.7 million in back taxes.

Tips for protecting your child custody claim

When Minnesota couples are embroiled in heated divorce and property division proceedings children are sometimes caught in the middle. Other times, emotions can interfere with a parent's better judgment. Yet parents most often want the best for their kids, so it is important to make sure both parents take the right steps to see that a favorable child custody arrangement is created.

Divorce: Allen Iverson's wife wants a list of his former partners

Many Minnesota basketball fans would probably agree that Allen Iverson was one of the greatest point guards to have ever played in the NBA. When his career exploded in 2001, he married his wife, Tawanna. However, the couple's marriage struggled throughout the rest of Iverson's basketball career in the United States. During his marriage, rumors surfaced that Iverson may have been unfaithful. Now, as the couple deals with a pending divorce, Tawanna has filed court documents asking the basketball player to submit a list of every woman he had sexual encounters with during their decade-long marriage.