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February 2012 Archives

Settling on fair alimony payments is possible

Throughout the country, several state legislatures are considering reforming their alimony laws. The idea of implementing reforms has ignited discussion over the intents and purposes of paying alimony to ex-spouses. By gaining a better understanding of what exactly alimony payments are for, Minnesota couples headed for divorce can be adequately prepared to reach an agreeable, fair settlement.

Minnesota grandmother loses child custody claim

In some circumstances, families will make their child custody dispute an extension of other problems in their relationship. A Minnesota court recently ruled that two children had become nothing more than "pawns" in a custody dispute between the kids' mother and grandmother. The court's decision determined that granting custody to the mother was better for the children.

Court rules against Hecker's ex-wife in settlement dispute

Divorcing and splitting marital property can become rather tricky when working with a significant amount of financial assets. These types of settlements can become exponentially more complicated when dealing with issues of financial insecurity.

Divorcing couples often find difficulty when splitting property

A divorcing couple's home is the source of a lot of memories and emotions. Some of the best moments in a marriage involve purchasing a home and building a family within its walls. This is why property division can be such a contentious issue for divorcing couples. Deciding who gets the house, who will take care of an outstanding mortgage or if the house should be put up for sale are serious questions many Minnesota couples going through divorce are asking themselves.